Thursday, 5 August 2010

OUTFIT | #11

I know it's been a while since my last post; so much has been going on that I've only just recently had time to sit down and have some time to myself. I've been to Berlin, lost my job, I got back from Rome last week and this weekend I'm flying to the US to stay with family over there. (Pictures of my trips are on my Flickr if you were interested.)

shirt: Topshop, shorts: TRF Zara, shoes: Dorothy Perkins

In between all that craziness, I've just been enjoying some time at home, not doing much of anything. Sometime it's the simple things that I enjoy best, which is often reflected in the way I dress. Lately, I've been wearing simple, comfortable clothes that (at the risk of sounding too much like one of those awful magazine articles) I can dress up or down, depending on how the mood strikes me.

blazer: Topshp, shirt: Topshop, shorts: TRF Zara, wedges: H&M

This is also something I bear in mind when packing. I travel fairly often, so I like to think I have packing down pretty well. Sometimes it's all about packing with simple outfits in mind, then adding different jackets, accessories or shoes to make it a little more interesting/more suited to a particular climate or occasion. And all with minimal effort required on my part, which pleases my inherently lazy nature to no end!