Sunday, 30 October 2011


Moving to a new city with a lot more shopping options has definitely done some damage to my bank balance this month. Luckily I don't have a lot of spare time to be popping into town, or I would probably be incredibly poor and surviving on toast until December. I have managed to pick up a few bits and pieces along the way though.

jumper: Zara; blouse, dress, skirt: H&M; bralet, hair clip: Topshop; lipgloss: Revlon 'Sunset Peach'; lipstick: No7 'Romantic'

Saturday, 15 October 2011

DAYS OUT | Dinner With a Friend

One of my friends from home came up to visit me at university this week and we spent all day in the city shopping, catching up and, of course, eating amazing food. I'd meant to take tons of pictures but only actually managed a few. There were bargains to be had and coupons to be spent, not to mention a whole lot of Mexican food (Chiquito is probably going to become my second home...) to gorge myself on. A girl has to know her priorities!

Also, one night when I was doing some serious procrastinating, I taught myself how to curl my hair with my GHDs. I'm not very good with hair and all my previous attempts at GHD curls had failed miserably but I've figured out a knack now. They're perfect for second or, if you can push it that long between shampoos, third day hair when my natural curl is beginning to fall. Plus it makes a change from straightening all the time.  It's pretty much the only way I want to wear my hair now. Definitely my latest obsession.

trench coat: H&M; shirt: Topshop; corduroys: J. Crew; boots: River Island; bag: Zara

Sunday, 9 October 2011

OUTFIT | #30

Remember when I said in my last post that I'd have my tripod back by my next outfit post? Well, I lied. I still haven't been home to pick the thing up yet, so the theme of awkward headless outfit shots will continue for at least another post. This time I tried out the classic bathroom mirror picture, complete with smudges on the glass from when I've been putting on my make up. Keeping it classy over here, guys.

bodysuit worn as top, bag: New Look; shorts: Topshop; bracelet: Accessorize; watch: Seiko; nails: Revlon 'Carbonite'

I'm actually just getting over Fresher's 'Flu right now so this outfit is from when I got dressed up, with the intention of going out for the night, before deciding I was too ill and promptly changing back into my pajamas. Total wear time: less than 30 minutes. I didn't even make it out of my flat.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

OUTFIT | #29

I never thought I'd be wearing shorts in October but for the past week or so, the weather has been gorgeous. 28 degree weather with less than 100 days until Christmas (yes, I just became that person), it's the strangest thing. I've even got a tan. In October. The mind boggles.

This weather also means that all the lovely autumnal clothing I packed for university was incredibly inappropriate. So, I've basically been living in these Zara shorts while I pine for the summer clothing I left at home, having scoffed at the thought of wearing it again once September rolled around.

blouse, top: H&M; shorts, belt: Zara, satchel: White Stuff

Also, I'm still trying to figure out a good way to take pictures in my new room. I'm currently without my tripod too, which isn't helping matters. No angle seemed to work so hopefully in my next outfit post, I'll have sorted all that bother out. In the mean time, my apologies for this faceless and footless picture. It was, I'm afraid, the best shot I got out of the lot.