Wednesday, 28 November 2012

OUTFIT | #97

cardigan: Motel; shorts, top: Topshop; boots: River Island

Sticking to my guns about this crop top thing. I'm not really sure why. I like to finish tasks I start though, so why not? Two days in, it's proving kind of fun. Decided to branch out a tad today and wear these shorts. They're my go-to on a night out but I've never worn them during the day for some reason. I liked them with this Topshop high-neck crop though so I figured I'd give it a go. 

I wore this to start, and finish (because I'm just that efficient), my Christmas shopping. As well as a whole bunch of other errands and stuff. It was one of those rare day where I wake up at 7 am and don't immediately roll over because it's way too early to contemplate getting up. I was out the door just after 9! I don't know what got into me. After a couple of sluggish weeks and a rough bout of cold, I'm feeling surprisingly energetic and motivated this week. Hopefully I don't burn out before the end of semester. It's so close. I can do this!

Monday, 26 November 2012

OUTFIT | #96

cardigan: Motel; crop top: ASOS; skirt: H&M; necklace; boots: River Island

I've been on a weird crop top kick lately. The other week I bought 4. In one week. I don't even know where this sudden love came from. I think it was when I realised that I really like how they look with high-waisted anything and I have a whole bunch of high-waisted stuff. Match made in heaven, clearly. I don't even get cold because the inch or so of skin that's peeking out barely makes a difference and I wear a big ass cardigan over the top of everything anyway. I even branched out and ordered a red one online last night. Colour, guys. This is getting serious.

I'm even thinking about making this 'crop top week'. Since I have so many of these things now, I might as well. Mixing it up with a little bit of theme dressing is always fun. I don't know if I'll have time (or can be bothered to make the effort) to take a picture of my outfit every day this week. Who knows though. Hopefully after this week I'm not all crop-topped out. I doubt it though. Confession: I'm one of those really irritating people who play songs over and over forever when they really like them and never get sick of them, even though everyone else does and keeps yelling at me. Oops.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

OUTFIT | #95

sweater: Zara; dress: Topshop; necklace, boots: River Island

It feels good to wear something that isn't my work uniform or my pajamas. This week I've mostly been lying in bed sleeping off this demon cold I somehow contracted. It wasn't even a sniffly nose, sore throat kind of cold. That I can handle. This was a lightheaded, sleepy, can't stop shivering kind of cold. Definitely not fun. I am the grumpiest ill person too. I become incredibly needy and whiney but no one was around to look after me so I just sat in bed for 2 days getting sick of my own complaining. Clearly I need some echinacea and manuka honey and all that jazz, to ward off future illness. 

This outfit is super slouchy and comfy but still 'me' enough that I like it. Sadly I only wore it to stay inside my house and worl on a presentation all by myself. But sometimes it's nice to dress up and resist the temptation to put my jogging bottoms on, even though I'm going to be home alone all day. I'm much less likely to climb into bed and fall asleep if I'm fully dressed too.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

DAYS OUT | Dinner at Wahaca

On Tuesday I was in London for the day with a friend. We'd gone to see the Shakespeare: Staging the World exhibition at the British Museum (which was fantastic, and I'd make an effort to recommend it to you all but it's closing on November 25th so that would be a bit pointless) but, of course, when in London you have to eat all the food. Which we did.

The place I was most excited to go to was Wahaca. I'd first heard about it on Tania Tell's blog a while ago and since then it seems to have gained a lot of buzz. I love Mexican food so I was desperate to try it out, despite hearing it was nigh on impossible to get a table without queueing for ages. Apparently half five on a Monday night is the time to go though because we waltzed right in and were seated straight away. Amazing. Now, I'm not claiming to be some kind of food blogger, by any means, but I do really bloody love to eat so I couldn't not share how great this place was with you guys.

We decided to try out the whole 'Mexican tapas' concept and ordered a few dishes, as well as a cheeky drink each. You're allowed to drink tequila after 5pm, right? I got a Hibiscus Margarita (delish, by the by) and my friend ordered a Paloma, which was something with lime juice in. It seemed pretty good. The food came super quick. As in, we ordered and less than 5 minutes later, the first plate was brought out. I can't remember exactly what we ordered and I tucked in too quickly to take pictures of most dishes (see, told you I'm no food blogger) but it was all really, really delicious. I remember that much. It's incredibly messy though, especially the tostadas. I think I got more sour cream on my skirt than anywhere else.. 

We polished off every last bit and I'm already dying to go back. Just looking at these pictures is making me salivate a little bit. It was definitely the best Mexican food I've ever eaten in the UK. Top notch stuff, would eat again, and hopefully 'again' is soon.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Dorothy Perkins pajama set; Tarte Amazion Clay Blush in 'Exposed'; Penguin Classic mug; Q&A 5-year journal; Wagamama cookbook and DVD; Alphabet Bags washbag

It's that time of year again. The holidays are approaching and everyone's asking you 'For god's sake, what do you want this year?' I'm not one of those people who umms and ahhs and eventually says 'Oh, I don't mind. Get me whatever' because I'm too picky and receiving a terrible gift is never fun, for either party involved. So I've been mulling over what kind of things I'd like and come up with a few options. I might just start referring people to this post whenever they ask me what gift I want off them this year. 

First of all, I'd like to state that no, I don't generally wear really cutesy matching nightwear. I am, admittedly, much more likely to be found in some novelty print pajama bottoms and an old t-shirt. However I'm in my 20s now so maybe that's the time to start thinking about more sophisticated sleeping garments? (Probably not, but these pajamas from Dorothy Perkins are adorable anyway.) 

Speaking more practically, I could do with some new mugs. The hazards of student life and moving about a lot in the past year have left me with a lot of chinaware casualties. Any of the Penguin Classic range would be much appreciated, especially since I'm down to my very last mug. Despite being a student, I am actually a reasonably good cook. Yes, I do resort to microwave meals and takeaways occasionally but, most nights, I manage to whip up something passably edible for myself. Lately I've been on a massive stir fry kick and I've been craving Wagamama like no other, so their cookbook might be handy. Or any cookbook really. It's like real life Tumblr food porn at your fingertips. What could be better?

Sunday, 18 November 2012

OUTFIT | #94

cardigan, top, skirt: H&M; boots: Clarks

It's been a long week of very little sleep and, while I had a lot of fun, I'm really glad it's over. Today I stayed in bed and watched about a zillion episodes of Friends and didn't do a whole lot else. It was great. I think I finally got dressed at around 3pm, as you do. I pulled my usual trick of wearing everything from H&M. It's one of my better skills. I don't know that this is my most ~inspiring outfit or anything like that but it's comfy and warm which is what counts. 

These Primark Super Cosy tights are actually the best. I've heard other people sing their praises in past winters but either forgot about them or couldn't find them when I went to look. If you, like me, refuse to ditch the skirt despite it being freezing cold outside then I really recommend them. They're fleece lined and super thick; these babies are going to last me forever.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

OUTFIT | #93

cardigan: H&M; t-shirt: Primark; skirt: Topshop; boots: Clarks

Maybe I should rename my blog 'A Million Ways to Wear a Skater Skirt' because I'm never taking this thing off. I'm considering buying another couple so I can wear it every day, cartoon character style. Or maybe I'll buy it in burgundy instead (Are we calling it oxblood now? I don't even know), that sounds more like something a normal person would do. Either way, this skirt and I are in it for the long haul. It's my fave, like ever. 

This is a bit of an out-of-character outfit for me. My Breakfast Club t-shirt is literally the only graphic shirt I own. I'm kind of afraid of t-shirts, they just don't do it for me. I'll make an exception for the Brat Pack though, plus today was laundry day so it's not like I had much choice. The cardigan wouldn't be my first choice but I'm having a love-hate phase with all the cardigans I own. In fact, I'm feeling that way about a lot of my wardrobe. You know when you have those off weeks where you want to throw out everything you own and start fresh? Yeah, I'm having that feeling lately. Luckily I'm too poor to act on those rash thoughts though so there won't be any awful moments of regret in a few weeks time when I realise I gave away perfectly good clothes. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

OUTFIT | #92

blouse, jeans, necklace: Topshop; sweater: H&M; boots: River Island; nails: No7 'Temptress'

I had big plans for my reading week but somehow it's Sunday already and I don't really know what I did? All the days started to run into one and now I'm looking forward to going back to normalcy next week. I need routine, without it I just lose track of time and feel weird and lost. I don't even remember what day I wore this outfit on. It might have been Wednesday? That rings a bell. Don't ask me what I did on Wednesday though. I have no idea. I probably spent too much money. That seemed to be a thing I did a lot of on reading week.

I've been noticing I don't wear jeans a heck of a lot these days. Denim has been overlooked in favour of skirts and tights every day lately. Which is cool, I'm not complaining. It's mostly because I need new jeans, I think. Most of mine are starting to look a little tired and they're doing that awkward sagging-at-the-knee-after-one-wear thing, which sucks. People seem to rave about those Topshop Leigh jeans so maybe, when I've conquered Christmas shopping (help me...), I'll look into those. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OUTFIT | #91

top: Zara; skirt: Topshop; tights: Primark; shoes: Tory Burch; watch: Swatch; lipstick: Revlon 'Really Red'; nail polish: No7 'Temptress'

I looked a bit miserable/confused in all the pictures I took of this outfit. Sometimes that's just the way it works out. I was actually just really tired and promptly changed into my pajamas and climbed into bed with a book after I took these (I'm reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick currently and I love it). My face is naturally a bit grumpy, or so I've been told. Usually by one of those annoying people who always tell women to 'cheer up, love'. Because being told what to do by a perfect stranger really perks me up...

My face aside, I actually really liked what I'm wearing here. Mostly because of the tights. Are they not amazing? I didn't get a picture but they also have a thick black seam up the back too. Not bad for £2.50 from Primark. I want to buy a few more pairs of them because I know I'll snag them sooner or later. I love dressing for winter because it means I can pull out all my fancy tights (or, if I'm feeling super fancy/pretentious, I might even refer to it as 'hosiery'). I feel like my personal 'style' is mostly defined by bright lipsticks, my glasses, wearing black a lot, and my penchant for short skirts. Cold weather just has the added opportunity to incorporate some fun leg-wear too.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

OUTFIT | #90

cardigan: H&M; scarf: Edinburgh Wool Mill; top, skirt: Topshop; boots: Clarks

I've forever despised roll necks, particularly on myself. My neck's too short or something because they look horrendous. Yet somehow I found myself drawn to all the high-neck crop tops that are appearing everywhere. They're not quite a roll neck but they're erring on that side of things. Last week I bought one and I love it. I want another one in black (of course) too. What's happening to me? Who have I become?

Sadly it's too cold to wear this top without a cardigan over it at the moment. I guess I'll just have to wait (a really bloody long time) for it to warm up again so I can wear it by itself. In the mean time I wore this to crack out my final piece of coursework for a while. Hallelujah. Now I can get my life back in order. I've been surviving off toast, satsumas and copious amounts of coffee while I stressed over deadlines. I think I'll be spending my money on finally restocking my cupboards this weekend, not on new clothes alas.