Tuesday, 19 October 2010

OUTFIT | #12

nail polish: Sinful Colors 'Mint Apple'

I love shoes and the onset of colder Winter weather has got me excited to start wearing boots again. In fact, my next few blog entries will all be outfits involving boots because, why not? Boots have to be one of my favourite things about my Winter wardrobe. I've already ordered one new pair that are winging their way to me and have my eye on a few others.

top, skirt, boots: H&M, belt: Topshop

I do have a terrible problem of buying shoes and never wearing them in though. There are a very lonely pair of Doc Martens in the corner of my bedroom that I've worn only a handful of times since I got them last year. They still rub, since I always forget to stretch them out.

coat, scarf: H&M

Also, if you ever wondered where I shop the most, I think this blog post pretty much sums it up. H&M all the way, baby.