Sunday, 12 December 2010

OUTFIT | #14

sweater: Topshop, dress (worn as skirt): Miss Selfridge, tights: H&M, boots: Doc Martens, watch: Swatch, bracelet: Accessorize

My Doc Martens are probably my favourite pair of boots I own, but they're nowhere near the most worn. In fact, I could count the amount of times I've worn them on one hand. Despite taking pride of place in my shoe line up, they're sadly rather neglected. Occasionally I'll put them on and wear them around for a while but the leather is so tough and my feet are wimpy and blister easily; breaking them in is a ongoing ordeal. One day, I'll stick it out and wear them in properly. I'm just too lazy most of the time to bother, oops.

Also, the dark winter nights are making it increasingly difficult to a well lit outfit shot. Although, I'm starting to feel rather festive and have been pulling out these green tights quite often of late, just to add to the mood.

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