Saturday, 15 October 2011

DAYS OUT | Dinner With a Friend

One of my friends from home came up to visit me at university this week and we spent all day in the city shopping, catching up and, of course, eating amazing food. I'd meant to take tons of pictures but only actually managed a few. There were bargains to be had and coupons to be spent, not to mention a whole lot of Mexican food (Chiquito is probably going to become my second home...) to gorge myself on. A girl has to know her priorities!

Also, one night when I was doing some serious procrastinating, I taught myself how to curl my hair with my GHDs. I'm not very good with hair and all my previous attempts at GHD curls had failed miserably but I've figured out a knack now. They're perfect for second or, if you can push it that long between shampoos, third day hair when my natural curl is beginning to fall. Plus it makes a change from straightening all the time.  It's pretty much the only way I want to wear my hair now. Definitely my latest obsession.

trench coat: H&M; shirt: Topshop; corduroys: J. Crew; boots: River Island; bag: Zara


  1. Yummy food! Your hair looks super nice curly. I have tried to curl mine but I'm resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be able to get the hang of it. I like your coat.


  2. @Sarah
    Thanks! The curls are honestly not that hard to do - I never thought I'd manage them, but after a lot (A LOT) of trial and error, I figured it out.

  3. I love that messy curl look. Sweet coat.

  4. Food posts always make me so hungry! Just when I think I'm going to settle in and read some blogs I have to jump up for some snacks. Love the curls!

  5. I love your curls, they're so natural and they definitely suit your looks. Those pictures of the food look amazing, my mouth is watering already :) Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Veena