Monday, 29 August 2011

OUTFIT | #26

Sometimes, no matter what I try, my outfit pictures just will not turn out well. Every angle, every background, every pose I ever saw on ANTM that one time. Nothing works. This outfit is one of those cases.

You'll just have to take my word for it but I actually looked pretty good in this. I even braved the 'bra-showing-through-shirt' look, albeit inadvertently; I didn't realise until I'd left the house. I did pick the best of a bad bunch but they don't really show much. Next time guys, next time... when my shorts don't look so wrinkled and my camera isn't giving me a thousand chins.

cardigan, shorts: H&M, t-shirt: Zara, lipstick: Revlon 'Really Red', nails: Revlon 'Tropical Temptation'

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

TRAVEL | Cornwall

This post is essentially just a picture dump from my holiday to Cornwall (and a bit of Devon) with a little post of commentary here and there. Nothing more, nothing less.

Stonehenge. I actually took this from behind a fence as the entry fee was extortionate for what was essentially just a walk around some big old rocks. Call me uncultured, but I'd rather save my money.


Inside the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth.

Saltash, right beside the river Tamar.

The Eden Project.

Newquay, Fistral Beach.

Tavistock, where I found the most incredible book stall, which you can read about here. I spend a good hour or so just scouting around in that one stall.


Monday, 8 August 2011

OUTFIT | #25

blazer, skirt, boots: H&M, top: Forever 21, necklace: River Island, watch: Citizen

I feel like I've seen tons of bloggers wearing this H&M skirt lately, particularly LLYMLRS who is one of my absolute favourites and probably needs no introduction. I've had mine for a while now but for some reason I hadn't worn it in ages. So today, when I was getting dressed, I knew exactly what I wanted to put on. The boots I chucked on as an after thought; I really want to wear heels more, mostly so I can justify buying more of them! (I know, I'm terrible.)

I just wore this to do some shopping and have some lunch in town with my mum. It did get a bit hot halfway through the day so I ditched the blazer but overall, I feel like this outfit is very 'me'. No colour, of course, and fairly simple but classic (or so I like to convince myself). 

There's loads of new blog posts coming up. I've got them all written down in my beloved Moleskine (I know, how hipster, oh dear..) in a long list that I keep adding to as they come to me. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I've been away in Cornwall with family and some friends over the past week and it's been a really fantastic time. I'll share the pictures I took while I was there in my next blog post and maybe a few of the odds and ends I picked up along the way.

While I didn't always dress up, a lot of days I just wore hoodies and wellies as we were wandering about in fields and doing water sports, I took a few pictures on days where I was dressed a little bit nicer. I did, shock horror, commit the cardinal blogger sin and take mirror pictures but hey, I'm on holiday. Plus, you can watch the room behind me get steadily messier and messier as the holiday went on. (Half of it was my sister's, I feel I should add. I'm not usually that messy!)

top: Urban Outfitters, shorts: Zara TRF, shoes: Topshop, necklace: Accessorize

cardigan, dress: H&M, shoes: Converse, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'

blouse: H&M, shorts: Zara TRF, shoes: Converse, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'

dress: Urban Outfitters, sandals: New Look, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'