Thursday, 4 August 2011


I've been away in Cornwall with family and some friends over the past week and it's been a really fantastic time. I'll share the pictures I took while I was there in my next blog post and maybe a few of the odds and ends I picked up along the way.

While I didn't always dress up, a lot of days I just wore hoodies and wellies as we were wandering about in fields and doing water sports, I took a few pictures on days where I was dressed a little bit nicer. I did, shock horror, commit the cardinal blogger sin and take mirror pictures but hey, I'm on holiday. Plus, you can watch the room behind me get steadily messier and messier as the holiday went on. (Half of it was my sister's, I feel I should add. I'm not usually that messy!)

top: Urban Outfitters, shorts: Zara TRF, shoes: Topshop, necklace: Accessorize

cardigan, dress: H&M, shoes: Converse, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'

blouse: H&M, shorts: Zara TRF, shoes: Converse, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'

dress: Urban Outfitters, sandals: New Look, nails: Revlon 'Fuschia Fever'


  1. That yellow dress is super cute.

  2. Such gorgeous outfits, really love the yellow dress in particular! x

  3. @Breenah
    Thank you! I love it x

    It's my favourite too! x

  4. cute outfits
    love the shirt with the shorts