Wednesday, 27 August 2014

TIPS | Clearing Out Your Wardrobe

I just moved house, which makes blogging a bit tricky because everything is still packed in boxes and my house is a mess and still mostly unfurnished. Soon I will have a bunch of fun home decor posts for you all. In the mean time, moving has brought one issue very much to light. I own too many clothes. I'm no stranger to a grand wardrobe clear out. (My issue is the rate I fill it up again.) Most summers I do a bit of a sweep and along the way I've learnt some simple, but effective, key tips to the clear out process. Whether you're donating your clothes to charity or making a bit of spare money on Depop or eBay, these tips should help you along your way.

Clearing out your wardrobe can be a stressful process and often involves parting with clothing items you may be somewhat overly attached to. Daft as it sounds, just try to power through. No one said minimalism was easy. But remember that being soft and letting things pile up is how you got here in the first place. 

This one is pretty simple. Have you worn it in the last 12 months? If not, it needs to go. We all have those items we like but always pass over for clothes we like even more. 12 months is long enough that you've been through all the seasons or events you could possibly be faced with and if you still haven't worn it after that, it's time to say goodbye. 

We all buy things that we put aside to be mended at a later date and then never get around to it. This is the time to decide either you fix it or it's time to get rid of it. That skirt you always meant to take in a bit? The blouse with the missing buttons? The dress with the split seam? It's now or never. If you haven't picked up a needle yet, are you really very likely to?

Hanging onto clothes you no longer fit into or are aiming to fit into does no one any good. Don't be mean to yourself. Clothes are meant to make you feel good. Don't let them become something that means you criticise your body. And if it's miles too big and you're not into the oversized look, pass them on to someone else who'll get more out of them.

This is a tip I heard from Vivianna's recent video that immediately made sense to me. If you're still wavering and unsure if you want to get rid of something, hide it away. Put it in a bag, put it somewhere out of sight, and leave it there for a few months. If in that time you miss it, then keep it. If not, it's another one for the donation pile.

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