Sunday, 26 June 2011

DAYS OUT | Day at the Docks

Sometimes when I have nothing else to do in a day, it's nice to just throw something on and head off somewhere to sit in a coffee shop. I know that all sounds horribly whimsical and carefree, which I  really assure you I am not. I will meticulously apply my make up in the car on the way there and I don't even drink coffee; I find hot beverages terribly unappealing. But it's the thought, and the atmosphere, that counts.

Often I'll settle for my local Caffé Nero or Costa in the town centre but other times it's nice to drive out a little further and sit by the sea or docks somewhere. Especially on a sunny day, since I'll admit to spending six out of seven days of the week indoors rewatching old cancelled TV shows or sleeping. Even hermits enjoy a little sunshine from time to time.

jacket: H&M, blouse: Forever 21, jeans, shoes: Topshop, bag: Zara

Also, given the spontaneous nature of some of these jaunts, I have been known to forget my hulking great DSLR camera at home. I'm sure the odd point'n'shoot picture here and there in blog entries won't do any harm though, so these will suffice.