Wednesday, 29 June 2011

OUTFIT | #22

In the summer I live in shorts. Long, short, denim, cotton. I love being able to throw them on with a shirt and not feel overly warm without worrying about any sudden gust of wind like I do in a skirt.

blouse: Urban Outfitters, shorts: Zara, sandals: Topshop

This Zara pair are about as summery as I get. While I enjoy pastel colours and kitsch floral patterns as much as the next person, it's mostly only in small doses. So I don't feel too far out of my comfort zone I tend to pair them with safe colours. Navy, grey, black. Even in the summer, a girl's got to have her staple shades.

Blogwise, I've got a few scheduled posts coming up while I'm away with friends in the south of France. Now that exams are over I finally have my life back and I'm making the most. Throwing out two years worth of subject notes when they were all done really was the best feeling and now I'm looking forward to everything I have planned for the months ahead.


  1. those sandals are to die for.

    i'm sort of the same way with colors & prints...i tend to fall back on the dark neutrals and just throw in a few splashes of colors occasionally. it's just easier to make outfits or in my case, just throw on clothes without having to invest too much time.

  2. I love shorts too unfortunatly, my thighs are like triple tree trunks, it doesnt bode well but you abs rock the shorts!

  3. Love the sandals, they're perfect!

  4. cute shorts :)

  5. i love floral. those shorts are super cute.