Monday, 19 September 2011

DAYS OUT | Last Weekend in Town

This weekend was my last before I move away to university on Saturday. You've all heard that boring spiel about how it's 'going so fast, I can't believe it' before, so I'll spare you. Although sometimes I do stop and think, how is it mid September already? I was cramming for exams and sitting on a beach in the south of France not long ago, now it's getting dark at half past 7 and I'm leaving town?!

So I had my last shift at work, before I come back and work in the holidays, and spent Sunday by the sea with my family. Not pictured is the part where the rain poured down and, soaked through, we ate greasy chips on a bench.

sunglasses: River Island; jacket, jumper: Forever 21; lipstick: Revlon Matte 'Really Red'


  1. Where are you going to University?

    Love from Oregon USA,

    plaid is the new black

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  2. ps. You may want to choose to get rid of word verification. You can do that in settings or go here to see a step by step. Love, D

  3. These pictures make me wish I lived closer to the ocean!

  4. @Danielle

    Thanks for the heads up about word verification! I didn't even realise it was turned on.


    I live about 15 mins away. It's nice to visit but sooo cold and miserable in the winter.