Monday, 26 September 2011

OUTFIT | #28

This was my first outing with my new boots. I love them. Some people I've shown them to have had mixed reactions. The term 'ugly granny boots' springs to mind. Honestly, that's half of why I like them. Because they are ugly. In a weird kind of verging on granny-esque/something my mum would have worn in the 90s, possibly almost masculine, way. They are not dainty or necessarily all that 'trendy' (god, I hate that word). They're pretty much just a bog standard pair of clompy black boots. 

For fear of using too much fashion mag lingo, I love how they look with pretty feminine dresses or with a more androgynous preppy style. In the same way that I like a leather jacket over a floral summer dress. Plus they're really bloody comfy.

I would also like to throw an honourable mention to Illamasqua's 'Rampage' nail polish. I'd been lusting after it for positively ages, years even, after seeing it on Belle Du Jour NYC's blog yonks ago. It doesn't look that special in these pictures sadly. I'd definitely recommend doing a quick Google search to see the true beauty of this polish. It's absolutely gorgeous.

blazer, necklace: Topshop; dress: H&M; boots: River Island

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