Wednesday, 29 June 2011

OUTFIT | #22

In the summer I live in shorts. Long, short, denim, cotton. I love being able to throw them on with a shirt and not feel overly warm without worrying about any sudden gust of wind like I do in a skirt.

blouse: Urban Outfitters, shorts: Zara, sandals: Topshop

This Zara pair are about as summery as I get. While I enjoy pastel colours and kitsch floral patterns as much as the next person, it's mostly only in small doses. So I don't feel too far out of my comfort zone I tend to pair them with safe colours. Navy, grey, black. Even in the summer, a girl's got to have her staple shades.

Blogwise, I've got a few scheduled posts coming up while I'm away with friends in the south of France. Now that exams are over I finally have my life back and I'm making the most. Throwing out two years worth of subject notes when they were all done really was the best feeling and now I'm looking forward to everything I have planned for the months ahead.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

DAYS OUT | Day at the Docks

Sometimes when I have nothing else to do in a day, it's nice to just throw something on and head off somewhere to sit in a coffee shop. I know that all sounds horribly whimsical and carefree, which I  really assure you I am not. I will meticulously apply my make up in the car on the way there and I don't even drink coffee; I find hot beverages terribly unappealing. But it's the thought, and the atmosphere, that counts.

Often I'll settle for my local Caffé Nero or Costa in the town centre but other times it's nice to drive out a little further and sit by the sea or docks somewhere. Especially on a sunny day, since I'll admit to spending six out of seven days of the week indoors rewatching old cancelled TV shows or sleeping. Even hermits enjoy a little sunshine from time to time.

jacket: H&M, blouse: Forever 21, jeans, shoes: Topshop, bag: Zara

Also, given the spontaneous nature of some of these jaunts, I have been known to forget my hulking great DSLR camera at home. I'm sure the odd point'n'shoot picture here and there in blog entries won't do any harm though, so these will suffice.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

DAYS OUT | Lost in London

I am still sadly trapped in the death grip of exams for another week. One more to go and I'm free. No more studying for 6 hours a day. I can hardly wait.

A while ago, I'm not sure when - life before exams is beginning to feel like a distant memory, I went to London for the day. I didn't take many pictures because most of the day was either spent lost (I have no sense of direction) or eating, which never results in very flattering photographs.

I'm obsessed with my new necklace display. Getting ready in the morning is so much easier when I don't have to spend several minutes untangling jewellery.

This was just the start of a very food-centric day.

At this point I was lost near Notting Hill somewhere. At least it was pretty.

When I finally made it to the V&A, I made a beeline straight for the café where I ate what can only be described as the world's most amazing cheese and basil scone.

cardigan: Forever 21, blouse, shorts, bag: Topshop