Tuesday, 28 February 2012

OUTFIT | #38

cardigan, necklace: Topshop; t-shirt: Primark; skirt: H&M; boots; River Island

This outfit is, in many ways, a little out of my comfort zone. I don't usually shop in Primark for clothes. I'll only pop in occasionally for socks or tights. I also don't typically wear graphic t-shirts. They remind me of when I was 14 and went through an emo band-tees-and-too-much-eyeliner phase, it wasn't pretty. But when I saw this t-shirt in the Primark menswear section the other day, I knew I had to have it. 

I'm a big John Hughes/bratpack/80s film fan so this shirt is kind of a dream come true (apart from how Ally Sheedy looks a bit like a creeper/gremlin, poor thing). Yes, I may have been born in 1992 and never actually lived through the 80s. However my father likes to think the 80s never ended, so I grew up in a bubble watching films like Some Kind of Wonderful, The Breakfast Club and listening to way too much synth pop. (I am pretty awesome at 80s music quizzes, I won't lie)

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