Thursday, 19 April 2012

RECENT PURCHASES | Leopard Print Shoes

flats: Office; wedges: Chinese Laundry

Apparently I'm really into buying leopard print shoes of late. These are 2 of 3 pairs I've bought in as many weeks. I'm not sure how many leopard print shoes a person has to own before it becomes a problem but buying so many in such a short space of time can't be good. 

The flats, at least, I can totally justify. My favourite pair of ballet pumps are falling apart so I'm looking for another pair to replace them. Enter leopard print flats. I am especially fond of the slightly pointed toe. 

The wedges, however, were purely an impulse purchase on my recent US trip. I was perusing TJMaxx's shoe section (and we all know I love TJMaxx) and saw them amid all the ugly kitten heels that seem to accumulate in the Size 8 section. They're kind of ridiculous (and not to mention, were a total bargain). Therefore, I love them. 

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