Thursday, 12 April 2012

OUTFIT | #45

dress: Urban Outfitters; jacket: H&M; shoes: George @ ASDA

Are you sick of the denim jacket yet? No? Good. Because I kind of never want to take it off. It goes with nearly everything I own. As does everything I'm wearing in this outfit actually. These are all what I consider my 'go-to-when-nothing-looks-right' items. Cute pink shoes? Yep. Flattering dress with fun pattern? Check. Staple black tights? Of course. 

Plus my mop of unruly hair that is in desperate need of a trim to tidy it up. It seems to have had a massive growth spurt in the past few months and gone from around shoulder length to the middle of my back. Not long now until I can fulfill my Tumblr-girl dreams of mermaid hair.


  1. My denim jacket is my go-to staple for dresses. It gives a little more structure than a cardigan, and can make my fancier dresses a little more causal.

  2. This outfit is perfect, I love everything about it! Your hair looks fantastic too! :) x

  3. Your style is so lovely! I especially like this