Sunday, 3 February 2013

OUTFIT | #109

cardigan, skirt: H&M; blouse: charity shop; boots: River Island

I'm honestly not a big vintage or charity shop fan. I tend to shop with a purpose and don't enjoy sifting through racks to find something I like, I get bored too quickly. Every now and then I find something I like though. My best find was a great leather satchel that I love to bits. This blouse is what has been dubbed my grandma blouse. Possibly not the most flattering fit (but what does 'flattering' even mean, anyway?) but I like it. It has interesting lapels. I'm into it.

I'm increasingly aware of how beaten up my beloved River Island boots are becoming. They're pretty much a sight for sore eyes these days, a fraction of their former beauty. I'm not sure that I'm ready to give them up just yet, at least not until I find another pair of boots to replace them. They've been well loved though. And it's definitely beginning to show. Poor babies.


  1. The blouse is really cool. I have been doing almost the same thing by scrutinizing my grandma and mom's closet. I find precious things there and it's also a great inspiration.

  2. The blouse looks lovely on you and I do think it is flattering. I have one that I wear that is more certainly NOT flattering! I love the skirt too :) Great outfit!

    Amy x

  3. I love that blouse and I wish I'd bought that H&M skirt when I saw it in store. I've been after one ever since! x

  4. Love your skirt =]

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