Sunday, 24 February 2013

OUTFIT | #112

cardigan, top: H&M; skirt, boots: River Island; watch: Seiko; lipstick: Revlon 'Red Velvet' lip butter

Looks guys, I'm wearing colour. Technically it's not really branching out. Black, navy, and red are my go-to colours. But this skirt is super red, and I wore it with a red coat, outside my house, and everything. Baby steps. It's the new skirt I mentioned in my last post. The pleats are so cutesy, I can't help but love it. River Island and I have a love-hate relationship. Too many things I've bought from there have fallen apart but then they produce some gems, like my favourite boots ever that need no introduction really because you see them all the damn time. Like in this post, for example (And every other post ever, since the dawn of time. Basically.)

The lighting in these pictures was all over the place and took some serious Photoshopping before I didn't look really orange and weird. The bulb blew in my uplighter lamp a few weeks ago and the replacement bulb I got just isn't as bright and makes my pictures come out all weird. It's pretty frustrating but I'll live. Supposedly it's spring soon anyway so with any luck I won't need to take pictures when it's dark outside anymore. Anyone else dying to bring out their summer dresses and shorts? I know I'm not the only one.