Tuesday, 5 August 2014

WISH LIST | 22nd Birthday Gifts

Nuxe huile prodigieuse; Casio watch; In God We Trust 'Sweet Nothings' necklace; Nike Air Force 1 Lo; Gucci Guilty

I turn 22 on September 1st and, in light of recent queries from various people in my life, I've been compiling a little birthday-inspired wish list. The gold theme was unintentional but hopefully it's a good omen. Something about 22 turning out to be a golden age maybe. Everything 21 was hyped up to be and didn't quite live up to, or something like that. (Although overall, 21 wasn't too bad at all.)

The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is something I've seen on blogs and in YouTube videos for months now. I own a million moisturisers and oils, on my constant quest for super soft skin, and this top of my list to try next. I feel like I always have watches on my wish lists. I love a good watch. Bracelets? Not so much. I wear a watch everywhere and as I enter my incredibly serious and professional new graduate life (or y'know, something to that effect) I figure a good watch is essential. Casio watches are among my favourites; I already own two. Then, as a little confidence boost for the moments I'm struggling to adjust to post-uni life, this In God We Trust necklace should serve as a nice reminder. 

While I was 21, I developed a real penchant for trainers. I foresee this being a passion that follows me in my early twenties, starting with a pair of bright white Air Force 1s. I'm not a fan of the hi-tops, more of a lo-top girl personally. But with an all-black outfit (naturally) and a great winter coat, I can see these looking pretty fantastic. Possibly with an all-new scent too. I feel like entering a new life stage is a good time to get a new perfume. Certain scents I can't wear anymore because they remind me too much of uni. I always like Gucci Guilty when I smell samples of it so perhaps it could be my next new fragrance.

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  1. That necklace is the best thing I've ever bloody seen! Hope you have an amazing birthday!
    Water Painted Dreams xo