Wednesday, 26 December 2012

OUTFIT | #99

jacket, jeans, boots: Topshop; sweater: Next Menswear; lipstick: Revlon Colorburst 'Plum'

We don't go and see extended family over Christmas. Hence I never really 'dress up' (By my standards, at least. I get 'You're dressed fancy, going somewhere?' comments most days so I don't know, this may be dressy for some people. To each their own, and all that.) Instead I opted for my new holiday sweater on Christmas day this year. It's my answer to those obnoxious knitted monstrosities with kittens and holly wreaths all over them. Don't get me wrong, I'd love one of those. I just haven't been able to find any for a reasonable price yet. In the mean time, I have this blue patterned number that I found when I stumbled into the Next Menswear section. I'd been looking for home wares and new bed sheets but ended up leaving with a sweater. 

I finally got my Topshop 'Alexy' boots on Christmas day. After missing out on the 'Allegra' the other year, I promised myself I'd get my hands on the 'Alexy' instead. They're going to be my pride and joy. This year has definitely been a good year for ankle boots. I've bought a couple of wonderful pairs. They're all I live in during the colder months. Now if Topshop would only restock the oxblood 'Phelvin' boot on their website, I'd be set. Come to me, my pretties. I really don't want to pay the inflated eBay prices but I'm getting so, so tempted. Be still, my credit card.

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