Friday, 21 December 2012

RECENT PURCHASES | Christmas Bonus Style

cardigans: H&M; Topshop Leigh jeans; MAC 'Rebel' lipstick

Now, I tend to abide by that old blogger pro-tip of never doing the annoying 'Sorry I've been away so long, guys! Shit got real and I had no time to blog, soz' thing that people do after an absence. I won't bang on about it too much but I did take a little hiatus this month because shit did get kind of real in my non-internet based life. Now it's winter break though and I have 2 weeks to chill out, sleep all the time, and enjoy doing sweet nothing all day. It's going to be beautiful.

As soon as all my assignments for the end of semester were submitted, I went shopping. I literally sent off all my essays, pulled on something that wasn't my pajamas, and went into the city with my Christmas bonus burning a hole in my pocket. I had a list, so I wouldn't go too wild, but the H&M sale did get me and I ended up buying two cardigans in there. I've had my eye on that leopard print one for months but kept telling myself I couldn't possibly justify owning any more leopard print since I had already surpassed the quota for any normal person. But it was reduced to £7 in the sale and I have no self-control. It's so wonderfully tacky; I couldn't help myself.

The Topshop Leigh jeans and MAC 'Rebel' lipstick have been on my wishlist for a long time. I've been needing new jeans for a few months now and I had to restrain myself from buying a million colours of these. They're such a good fit. None of that annoying low-rise, hip-grazing style here; these sit at your natural waist which is so much more comfortable. I am a convert. Why didn't I buy these sooner? (Probably because I didn't have a job and was really poor, but anyway, moving on) 

MAC 'Rebel' lipstick joins my growing family of awesome vampy lipsticks. It really deserves a post all of its own since it isn't as dark as it appears in the tube (which I know some people will prefer, but I don't really mind - I'll wear any colour. Gimme all of those dark shades) but it's still gorgeous. Look out for this in an upcoming outfit post or something like that. Who knows. I'm feeling a little rusty with this whole blogging business. The majority of the pictures I took for this post were just a blurry mess, it wasn't pretty.

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  1. I have five pairs of Leigh jeans. NO REGRETS, they are perfect and beautiful and wonderful and I love them ;__;