Wednesday, 2 January 2013


amazing badges from Modern Girl Blitz; breaking out the Docs for rainy days; starting off winter break as I mean to go on

presents from my favourite ladies; feelin' Christmassy back at my mum's house; fell in love here while in Paris

shattered remains of my beloved Anastasia brow powder; wearing an incredible Missguided dress for NYE; ginger chicken udon forever

It's been a while since my last Instagram post. I tend to go through spates where I use it a lot, and then not so much for a while. I always end up using the same couple of filters anyway, oops. (Amaro is my love) These are some pictures from the last month (ish). I could be all nostalgic and go on about how these are representations of my last month of 2012 or something but I'd rather not. It'll get all sentimental and I'll talk about how great my year was and no one wants to see that.

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  1. That NYE dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! it looks amazing on you.
    happy new year, hope you had a fabulous christmas!