Tuesday, 29 January 2013

OUTFIT | #107

cardigan, blouse: H&M; skirt: Topshop; socks: Primark; boots: River Island; lipstick: Revlon 'Red Velvet' lip butter

It was moderately warm today. We're talking over 5 degrees here people. Later in the week is promising a high of 12, get excited. In honour of there being no more snow and bitter cold, I brought out the over-the-knee socks. I had been hoping to give these a bit more love this winter but the weather was against me. I wear them with tights that match my skin-tone for a bit of added warmth, plus some friction so the buggers don't fall down all day. Constantly pulling your socks up is such a pain. 

Still desperately in need of a hair cut. You can barely see my face here and I can't get an appointment for another 2 weeks so get used to the faceless wonder look. I also need my roots done but thankfully you can't see those. Yet. My hair grows so fast, it won't be long. I should really learn to do my own hair, surely that's a life skill you should have by 20? I still rely on trips home where I coax my younger sister into doing it for me. 


  1. I love this outfit, not sure if I'm brave enough for knee high socks at this temperature though! x

    1. It's honestly not been that cold here the past few days, and with beige tights underneath I'm pretty warm.

  2. I love the knee high socks.