Monday, 21 January 2013

OUTFIT | #105

cardigan, skirt: H&M; blouse: American Eagle; necklace: ASOS; boots: Doc Martens; lipstick: Revlon Matte 'Wine Not'

All my seminars were cancelled today because the snow's still sticking around. I have plans to see a friend in the evening and I'm still doing that thing where I wake up at 7am all the time so I got dressed anyway. I think somewhere since becoming a second year, I've forgotten how to relax. Having the whole day to myself used to be something I looked forward to but now I just get cabin fever and end up cleaning just to occupy myself. What have I become?

The snow has brought one good thing to my life though. My Doc Martens are finally worn in to the point where I can wear them all day without ending up bleeding into my socks. Small victories, people. I've owned these damn shoes since I was 17 and never been able to wear them for sustained periods of time. It only took 3 years, but now I can finally wear all those outfits I planned around them. I'm still sick of the snow and wish it would bugger off, but at least I can wear my DMs. All this griping wasn't totally in vain.


  1. My Doc Martens killed at first too but they're a life saver in the snow. Very cute outfit! I saw you linked on another blogger's post and recognized you from S_C (sorry if that's creepy I used to be on there as tv_viewer).

    1. haha, no way! hi! I remember your username

  2. I love your outfit :) I bought docs in the sales and I get what you mean about the breaking in :( x