Tuesday, 15 July 2014

OUTFIT | #227

dress: Zara; top: ASOS; shoes: River Island

This is kind of a remixed take on an old outfit I used to wear a lot, back in the day. The dress by itself has always been a little bit too low-cut for my preferences. I'm more of a legs gal than a boobs gal. So I always wore a little top under it. Despite being the middle of July, it was actually really cold here the other day so I pulled this combination out with a new twist: the turtleneck. I own over five pretty similar, but slightly different, black turtlenecks. Most of them cropped. It makes getting ready a challenge when you're trying to find a particular one but I love them for layering.

To complete the wintry vibe, I went with a super dark red lipstick. Here I'm wearing MAC 'Diva' - you can it better in my MAC lipstick collection post. I know it's still early days and summer is barely halfway through, but I'm already missing winter layers and darker colours. I even wore this outfit out for the evening by switching out the sandals for black heeled boots when I went to a few bars with some friends. P.S. My hair dried weird so I straightened it and I was really feeling it. Until I got rained on and it went back to being a frizzy mess.

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