Friday, 11 July 2014

TRAVEL | Berlin

Berlin has been one of my favourite cities ever since I was 17 and went on there on a school History trip. Despite the unforgiving summer temperatures and humidity, the miles I was made to trek around the city, and countless early mornings, I left sure I would come back as soon as possible. 4 years later and I finally made it happen. I only spent a long weekend this time but it was still as fantastic as I remembered. If you're thinking about going to Berlin, my advice is: Go! Climb the Reichstag dome, visit the Jewish Museum, eat currywurst, drink beer by the stein, brave the hordes of tourists at the East Side Gallery, debate whether it's disrepectful to climb over the Jewish Memorial, visit the odd little town of Oranienburg if you feel you can stomach seeing Sachsenhausen, see Berlin from every angle in the TV Tower, get a falafel from the surprising amount of Mediterranean food stalls, navigate the wonderfully efficient public transport, dance until 5am in sweaty clubs. I couldn't recommend it any more highly.


  1. Lovely photos! I'm hopefully off to Berlin in Sept and you've made me very excited! xx

  2. I studied German for years in school but never got the chance to actually visit. I'd love to go!
    Water Painted Dreams xo