Sunday, 24 July 2011

TRAVELS | Cote D'Azur Pt. 2

After weeks of never seeming to have enough time to sit down and get it done, I finally looked through the pictures from my trip to the south of France and edited them. I literally started a new job just days after coming home so everything's been a little haphazard lately. It's all just starting to settle down and become routine again now and I felt so relieved once I got this mammoth task out of the way

I'm actually travelling a fair bit this summer, as I'm off to Cornwall on Friday with my family and then the United States at the end of August too. I'll be able to take my SLR camera on those trips though, which is one thing I really regret about my France trip. A point and shoot just isn't the same and the pictures need a lot more Photoshopping to look anywhere near as good as those taken with my hefty Canon.

I don't think I ever mentioned in much detail where I went and what I did when I was in France. My friends and I stayed in Nice for a week, but we also went to Cannes and Monte Carlo while there. We spent a lot of time at the beach, of course, but we also saw some lovely museums and did a lot of walking up massive hills in search of panoramic views. It was a really fantastic trip and I was rather sad to leave Nice; despite only being there a week I'd become rather attached. I miss it, particularly my daily dose of gelato from Fenocchio's in Old Nice - food of the gods!

Musee du Palais Lascaris, Old Nice

Place Rossetti, Old Nice

Castle Hill/Colline du Chateau, Nice


Russian Orthodox Cathedral/Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicholas de Nice, Nice

Monte Carlo, Monaco

View from the Jardin Exotique de Monaco, Monaco

Promenade des Anglais, Nice

Musée Massena, Nice

French Vogue and trashy magazines in the airport, of course


  1. I want to visit France so bad, but doubt it will ever happen.
    Where in the US are you visiting?

  2. AH that looks amazing! So jealous, I love France!

  3. @Breenah Hopefully you get to go one day! It was so lovely. I'm going to be in New Jersey, staying with family :)

    @Hayley France is definitely one of my favourite countries. Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back myself!