Sunday, 5 May 2013


sweater: Johann Earl @ ASOS; dress, belt: Topshop

I finished my first of two exams on Friday. It was kind of a great day and I've been sleeping and doing nothing all weekend ever since. During the revision process, I was basically living in the library and staving off mini-meltdowns on a nearly daily basis. So in the midst of all this, I indulged in some retail therapy a few times. Whatever works, right? These are the things I bought along the way. The sweatshirt in particular was an amazing find at less than a tenner. I probably don't need another sweater but it has my initial on it and I'm such a sucker for that crap. 

The dress and belt have a story to them. I bought them at the peak of my revision stress. One day I woke up early and went to the library, as usual. I sat down and promptly decided I would probably scream and throw something if I stayed there so I went to town instead, bought a new dress and a burger then returned to the library right as rain and revised for 6 hours straight. I tried on the dress ages ago but vetoed it on the grounds of being a bit pricey for something so simple and also, it was purple. I don't do purple. I kept thinking about it though and now, of course, I really want to go back and buy it in another colour... The story of my sartorial life, ladies and gentlemen. 

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