Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OUTFIT | #131

top: Topshop; skirt, necklace: H&M; boots: eBay; lipstick: Revlon 'Really Red'

I wish more bloggers showed you what they wear on a night out. I would more often if I ever had time. Getting ready for a night out is typically a rushed affair of running home from work, hopping in the shower, hurriedly redoing my make up, and then heading out - hopefully still only 'fashionably' late and not 'oh my god, is she taking the piss?' late. It's a rare night when I still have time to set up a tripod and take some pictures before I head out.

I really like the ritual of getting ready to go out though. I have a whole specific playlist for the occasion. Lately I've been spending more late nights revising for exams, sadly, than I have out dancing. This weekend I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday though which made a pleasant change from long hours in the library. I couldn't find the necklace I really wanted to wear though. It's still lost in my room somewhere, which is a tad worrying.

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