Monday, 13 May 2013

RECENT PURCHASES | London Purchases

t-shirts, necklace: Topshop; jeans: BDG @ Urban Outfitters

As previously mentioned, I went to London last week. During my brief trip (As in I wasn't even there 24 hours. The life of a jetsetter, eh?) I went to Oxford Street. Usually I avoid Oxford Street like the plague. Hordes of people jostling each other is not my ideal shopping experience. On this occasion, however, I got there for 9am and let me tell you, it was blissful. Topshop, in particular, was a ghost town. And if you've ever been to the Oxford Street Topshop, you know what a nightmare that place always is. I've been known to walk in and walk straight back out because I just can't hack it in there during peak hours.

So, naturally, I bought things. Oops. I know, I literally just made a recent purchases post. I have no self restraint. Also, the stuff I bought is really wrinkled because it's been sat in a bag waiting for me to have time to take pictures for this blog post. Don't mind that. I do own an iron, but I think I've used it once. I did the most damage in Topshop. I'm on a bit of a graphic t-shirt kick lately. Where it came from, I couldn't tell you. I probably wear one about once a year but recently, I've been a big fan. The New Order tank caught my eye immediately, being the child of a father who never quite gave up on the 80s. And with the realisation that after my next exam, I am officially in my final year of university - the 'SENIORS' tee seemed most appropriate. Plus it's kind of cropped and you know I love that shit.

Other notable purchases include: super comfy acid wash grey t-shirt, simple but dead nice necklace that I spent ages looking for, and finally getting my hands on a pair of BDG cigarette jeans after having them recommended to me for years. 

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