Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I got my tax refund this month and I went to Topshop. This was the result. I think this may be the most clichéd 'shit Rachel always buys' recent purchases post ever. Breton striped jersey top? Check. Black mini skirt? Check. Necklace with my initial on it? Check. Just throw in a pair of black ankle boots and you've basically got my day-to-day uniform. 

The skirt is probably my favourite item out of the lot. It's high-waisted, of course, and a satisfyingly thick material, thus perfect for cold British winters. Not pictured is the gold exposed zip at the back. I'm always iffy on exposed zips. Done badly, I loathe them but I can be persuaded by them from time to time. This is a case of the latter, for definite. I can't wait to wear it. I love the summer but I miss layers and skirts with wooly tights more than words can describe. 

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