Sunday, 7 July 2013


So, funny story. You remember how, in my last wish list post, I was whining and berating myself for missing the opportunity to buy the Jamie ripped knee jeans in the Topshop sale? Yeah, about that. Literally the day after I wrote that post, I wandered into my local Topshop, completely avoiding the sale rails because I am so not in the mood to wade through that jumble-sale style mess. I was looking at the jeans and discovered one lone pair of the aforementioned Jamie jeans, in my size, no less, hidden on a rail. Now I don't believe in fate or any of that crap, but you better believe I snapped those up sharpish. 

Then, because I knew I'd get suckered into the sale in the end, I went and looked at the shoes and ended up leaving with yet another pair of black boots to add to my expanding collection. I couldn't decide between two pairs, but ending up getting the Parker boot in the end. I wear black boots nearly every single day (that it's not sunny) and my other pair are suede and less durable than leather, so I figured they were a good buy. Plus an absolute steal at £45 (with student discount), reduced from £110. A very, very successful shopping day, I must say.


  1. Those jeans were meant for you! I love the boots too

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    1. Oops sorry! I had meant to copy and paste my usual signature :

      Water Painted Dreams

      But I still had my links on copy from the #bbloggers chat x

  2. Those boots are perfection. I wish it wasn't so hot here, so I could go back to boot-lovin'!

  3. I love the boots !! They can nearly match with anything ♥