Thursday, 29 August 2013

OUTFIT | #153

dress: Pin and Needles from Urban Outfitters; boots: Topshop; watch: Casio

I was in Urban Outfitters recently with some early birthday money to spend (Guess who's 21 on Sunday? This gal right here.) and I left with this dress. I've seen a few other bloggers, and some YouTubers, wearing it in a different pattern but this seemed much more up my street. A black and white summer dress that I can pair with tights and take right into winter with ease? That'll do nicely, thank you. Plus I love button-down shirt dresses. I had one ages ago (Check out my natural hair colour. This was in the days I always wore my hair straight too. Bizarre.) from H&M that I wore to death, until I shrank it and had to give it up. RIP little yellow dress. 

The pattern is pretty ugly, but in a good way. A little bit reminiscent of an old sofa I remember my parents having in the 90s. It's endearing, in a grandmotherly way. The fit isn't exactly 'figure-flattering' but I'm fully for dressing in whatever you like. All this restrictive 'dress for your shape' nonsense is not my bag. Wear whatever you like, 'flattering' or not. (Wow, could I use any more air quotes in this blog post tho?) It's kind of perfect for a hot summer's day too because it's so loose and flowy, I never feel too hot even though I'm dressed all in black.


  1. I really love this dress. Ugly/pretty patterns are the best.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. actually a pretty dress!
    followed you on GFC :)

  3. Oh your dress is lovely and really suits you too. Beautiful shape! :) xx