Friday, 16 August 2013

RECENT FAVOURITES | Skincare, Shoes, and Slogans

I'm not a big skincare person. I've never suffered with acne and have always (knock on wood) been very lucky with my skin. Maybe it's the pints and pints of water I drink every day, or genetics. Who knows. But I do get the odd break out when I'm stressed or sometimes around my nose where my glasses sit. This stuff basically clears all that crap up, so my skin is great nearly all the time. 10/10, would highly recommend. Plus it smells pretty good.

This isn't even a damn BB Cream, it's just Covergirl's tinted moisturiser repackaged. Nonetheless, it's a good tinted moisturiser that doesn't break me out or give me an allergic reaction, like a lot of products, so I'm a fan. I wore this a lot when I was in the US and wanted to wear really minimal make up, but still have a little bit of coverage.

shirts from Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters

I'm calling this section of my Recent Favourites 'sassy t-shirts' because I've accumulated several recently. I've been getting more into graphic/slogan (what the hell do you even call these?) t-shirts lately, and the sassier the better, in my opinion. Where's the fun in a shirt that reads 'Live. Love. Laugh' or some such nonsense, when I can wear these little numbers? I did miss out on Topshop's 'I Hate You' t-shirt, sadly, but I still think my collection's going pretty strong so far. 

I may not have been able to find (or maybe a more appropriate word is afford) my perfect summer sandal this year, but instead I've been reaching for my Converse nearly every day. They've become a summer staple in lieu of strappier, more feminine options. In fact, when I find myself at odds with how bright and girly summer clothes can often be, I feel more balanced out when I'm wearing a pair of Chucks. The more worn out and dusty, the better. Am I right?

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  1. I love effaclar duo, it's saved my skin! I couldn't be without it now.
    I really want that Love Sucks tshirt, I think I saw it on a Smasher ages ago and I've wanted it ever since. I'll have to see if I can track one down!