Sunday, 14 September 2014

OUTFIT | #235

This weekend my housemate, Zoe (who also has a blog: check it out), and I went to town to do some furniture shopping for our house. We ended up snapping up a fab white sofa and arm chair in British Heart Foundation and went for lunch at Strangers Coffee House to celebrate. I'd never been to Strangers before but went on recommendation from a friend. If you're in Norwich - definitely check it out. I have it on good authority that they have fab coffee. Sadly, I don't drink it myself anymore but the selection of tea is pretty exemplary too for those of us who are sensitive to caffeine.

jumper: Gap; jeans: Topshop; shoes: Nike; bag: Zara; necklace:

Perks of having a blogger for a housemate: A live-in photographer and mutual understanding that all days out must be documented for blogging purposes. Since it's September now, the weather is a little chillier and I couldn't be happier. I love everything about dressing for colder weather. Dark lipstick, darker clothes, constant opportunities to layer. It's my absolute favourite. I've been looking longingly at all my jumpers and itching to wear them all again. 

My mum gave me this old Gap turtleneck jumper of hers when I was last home. I remember her wearing it tons when I was a kid and when I unearthed it in a pile of old clothes, I decided to bring it back. In a former life, it was black but now it is well-worn and incredibly comfortable. I've been wearing it non-stop and can't see myself stopping any time soon now sweater weather is drawing in. 

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