Thursday, 18 September 2014

OUTFIT | #236

t-shirt: Zara; trousers: H&M; loafers: Bass; watch: Casio

Over the past month, I've learnt that moving into an unfurnished house is a lot more work than moving into a student place. My house is slowly coming together. We're picking up furniture in dribs and drabs and there's only the last few things to sort out now. My room is no longer filled with half-unpacked boxes so taking pictures is becoming less of an endeavour. Although taking pictures of my work outfits is another difficulty in itself.

I basically wear the same few outfits day in, day out. And when I get in after work, all I want to do is throw on my joggers and do nothing all night. My sister leant me these trousers and I'm tempted not to give them back. They fit perfectly and make it look like I made a lot more effort than I actually did. I pair them with a plain shirt most days and my Bass loafers, that are finally worn in enough to slouch around the office in. 

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