Tuesday, 9 September 2014

SKINCARE | Cleansing Dry Skin

If you've ever seen my skincare routine post, you'll know I've always been somewhat scared of cleansers. I honestly never used them until recently. I am lucky in having very well-behaved skin, in terms of break outs, so it never really made a difference if I was cleansing it or not. Cleansers have always left my dry, sensitive skin feeling tight and irritated in the past so it just didn't seem worth it to me. It was only in the past few months, as I decided with my mid-twenties were nearing I probably needed to take better care of my skin, that I decided to give them a go again. Apparently the world of cleansers has changed since my last foray into it and things are looking up for people with dry skin. In a surprising turn of events, I've managed to find two cleansers that I really rather enjoy.

This product is, unfortunately, not available in the UK market. I picked it up when I was in the US this summer and my skin was acting up. I'd never even heard of cleansing oils but I'll definitely try some others once I've finished this one. I love using oils to moisturise my skin so I suppose it makes sense that using them to cleanse dry skin works pretty well too. I massage one pump onto my skin and then rinse it off with warm water and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft. 

Another more moisturising cleanser, I've been interested in cleansing balms for a while. It's less messy than an oil, definitely more travel friendly, but I use it in a pretty similar way. Massage it into the skin (which feels lovely, like a thick moisturiser) and wipe it off with a damp flannel or cloth. I get zero irritation or dryness using either of these cleansers, but this one in particular leaves my skin feeling almost soft enough to skip moisturising afterwards.

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  1. Oooh, I haven't tried any of these but they do sound lovely and really nourishing especially with winter on the way! :)

    Layla xx