Thursday, 25 September 2014

OUTFIT | #237

jumper: H&M; skirt: Missguided; shoes: Dr Martens; watch: Casio

The living room is one of the only parts of my new house that is almost completely decorated. The fireplace is my absolute favourite part of the room so I decided to take my outfit pictures there today for a change of scenery. Hopefully I can stop taunting soon and actually make some posts about home decor as I've been promising for a while. My time at my summer office job is drawing to a close just as it gets cool enough to wear knitwear to work. I must admit I'm pretty disappointed. With the threat of imminent unemployment looming, I've been trying to make the most of office wear before days spent in my pajamas watching daytime TV in between job applications become the norm.

Tights really are my favourite thing about the colder months. Mostly because suddenly any skirt becomes appropriate for any occasion. All the skirts I'd had to ignore over the summer while I worked in an office can now make a reappearance. My interest in putting interesting outfits together wanes to almost nothing over the summer but now it's cold again, I should get some of my inspiration back. Hopefully. Waking up on pulling on any old thing becomes pretty dull after a while.


  1. the fireplace is SO cute! :) We have a fireplace now, too, and I'm so excited to use it all winter

  2. What a beautiful outfit :) The fireplace is truly a nice playce to take photos ^^
    The jumper has a very nice colour :)
    Have a nice day ♥