Sunday, 28 September 2014

RECENT FAVOURITES | September 2015

I've been moved into my new place for a month now and things are settling down. My things aren't all packed in boxes anymore and I'm pretty much back into my normal routines. Including a few new introductions that I've picked up along the way and really enjoyed. I'm still putting my room's decor together and I bought 2 flowering cacti at a plant sale on campus this week. They were super cheap and sit on my windowsill now. I've never had plants before but I figured even a total beginner can't kill a cactus, right?

I mentioned this product in my recent post about cleansers for dry skin. So far this is my favourite because it's so simple to use and feels lovely to apply. I've been really enjoying using it every evening before bed. It leaves my skin feeling super clean but not dry and stripped.

Another post, yet another rave about these lipsticks. This shade is my new favourite of the lot, I wear it to work nearly every day. Working in an office doesn't mean I've abandoned the brights but this is somewhat more muted for days when I prefer to opt for a less bold look.

Despite own more blush than any one person needs, I'd never owned a Benefit boxed blush before this one. I swirl all the colours together on my blush and it gives a long-lasting cool-toned plummy finish that I'm really enjoying as Autumn draws in.

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