Saturday, 4 August 2012

OUTFIT | #69

jacket, shorts: H&M; blouse: Urban Outfitters; sandals: Topshop; watch: Sekonda; nails: Essie 'Clambake'

I like pastels. They're cute and inoffensive. Sometimes the summer can leave me out of my element; no black, barely any navy? My staple colours are off limits for a few months of the year and it can be a struggle. I have the majority of my 'oh god, I have nothing to wear, I'm staying in my pajamas all day' strops during the summer. I am warming to pastels though. They're a far cry from monochrome and everything I'm comfortable with but I try.

I hadn't worn this blouse in ages because in my head it was always associated with a really crappy day I once had when I wore it. It's a shame because it was one of my favourites when I first bought it. Recently I've been culling a lot of old unworn clothes and decided it was time to start wearing it again. This was its first outing in a while and, poor neglected thing, the ruffles wouldn't sit right. I think it was punishing me for leaving it unworn for so long or something. Clearly this shirt and I have a way to go before we make amends.

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  1. That's such a gorgeous outfit on you, I absolutely adore the colors! I totally agree about the pastels - they're my absolute favorite at the moment. There's a new giveaway open on my blog in honor of Seven Inch Stilettos reaching 600 followers, so feel free stop by and enter if you'd like to win a care pack filled with my favourite beauty goodies!

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