Thursday, 2 August 2012


Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland body spray; Real Techniques Core Collection brushes; Zoya Maisie nail polish; Urban Decay Naked palette

I'm visiting family in New Jersey currently and, other than diners, something NJ has plenty of is malls. So I've been shopping. Naturally. Not aimlessly, mind. I had a list and a budget and I've stuck to it. Mostly. The Zoya nail polish was an impulsive sale purchase. I need another nail polish like a hole in the head, but it was cheap and sparkly. How could I resist?

The Naked palette and Real Techniques brushes were top of my list, while the body spray was a replacement bottle; mine at home is nearly completely gone. Secret Wonderland is one of my favourite Bath & Body Works scents. I'd deliberated between the Naked or Naked 2 palette for a while. They look pretty similar to me in all the swatch pictures I've seen and I don't like the weird tin packaging of the Naked 2. Plus I heard a few sneaking rumours that the eyeshadows were more pigmented in the original so I figured it was a safer bet. It did sting to drop $50 on one make up item but I just kept reminding myself that it worked out to less than $5 an eyeshadow so it didn't seem quite so bad.

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