Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OUTFIT | #72

cardigan, top, skirt: H&M; flats: Topshop; lips: Revlon Matte 'Pink About It' (discontinued)

Well, this is exciting. The first blog post from my new room. I'm all moved into my new student house for the coming year, give or take a few broken items of furniture. Par for the course with these kind of digs though, really. I'm actually quite lucky; my house even has double-glazing. What luxury. I'm back here for the rest of the summer because I finally got a job. I'm doing that weird grown-up thing where I work 9-5 Monday through Friday now. It's been an adjustment.

Dressing myself has also proved a challenge. The first few days at my new job were ridiculously hot and the office was vaguely reminiscent of a sauna. I tend to favour shorter skirts and shorts than office attire calls for though, so finding something to wear that I won't swelter in but is still 'professional' (whatever that means) was an adventure of sorts. Join me, will you, over the next few weeks in my foray into ' ' 'smart-casual office wear'.

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  1. oooh get you, i'm two years out of uni and the only 9-5 gig i've had so far has been an unpaid internship, where jeans came into the office far too often. you look super smart!