Thursday, 9 August 2012

OUTFIT | #70

top: American Apparel; shorts: H&M; watch: Swatch; shoes: Office

I have three words for you: American Apparel outlet. Sadly I discovered this gem at the end of my trip when I was down to my last few dollars. I did manage to pick up this shirt for $10 though (Who can say they bought a shirt from AA for less than twenty bucks? Seriously?) It's kind of perfect. Super comfortable, striped and slightly cropped. This was the summer I finally braved the crop top in public. Several times, in fact. I'm pretty proud of myself. 

And yes, I'm wearing the yellow shorts again. I've worn them at least 4x a week for the past month. They're basically my favourite clothing item ever. I'm dreading the impending the arrival of autumn when I have to give them up until next summer. 

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