Sunday, 23 September 2012

OUTFIT | #80

playsuit: Primark; heels: Topshop

So, new location. I won't bore you with details but to make a long story short, I moved rooms. Bye bye box room, hello giant room. Seriously, I could do cartwheels in here (if I was capable of doing cartwheels without injuring myself). With moving in here (my stuff's still in bags and a total mess) and working a 7 day week at work, I've been worn a tad thin lately. Roll on the start of semester on Monday so I can go back to being a lazy student.

I wore this for a night out on campus for the first time since before the summer. It was odd being back and not being the fresher this time. Predrinking logistics are much more difficult when you don't live in halls too, it seems. I ended up drinking alone in my new room before heading out to meet my friends there. It was an odd experience. 

This playsuit is among the few Primark items I own. Hopefully it survives better than my granddad slippers of blog posts past, may they rest in peace. I bought it sometime in the summer and never had the opportunity to wear it. The pointy collar is my favourite part. Quite a nice change from the peter pan collar I have so many variations of.

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