Saturday, 8 September 2012

OUTFIT | #78

jacket: Forever 21; dress: Topshop; flats: Primark; lipstick: Topshop 'All About Me'

My 20th birthday was exactly a week ago today (September 1st, mark your calendars) but I've had a hellish week since, hence the no blogging about it. There's no internet in my new place still, so that sucks, plus I spilt a litre bottle of water all over my camera. Smooth move, Rachel. It survived though, it's all good. Can't hold me down. 

I spent my birthday weekend at a cottage in Kent with my family. It was all very nice and picturesque. Lots of walks by the sea at Whitstable and good grub in Canterbury. It's a little odd to be in my twenties now. How did that happen? I started this blog when I was 16 guys. It's weird. 19 was the best age ever so I have high expectations for 20. 

I pulled out some of my favourite things to wear for my birthday. This Topshop dress in leopard print was a must, of course. Plus I love this (faux) leather jacket but don't get to wear it enough. Jacket weather in the UK is a short week sandwiched between the muggy summer and bitter cold winter. I wore those Primark slippers I'd been loving too. They fell apart after 2 weeks of everyday wear so I'm a little bitter about that. RIP cute velvet shoes. I'm looking for a replacement pair that are better quality now. That will have to wait until I get paid though. Boo.

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