Monday, 29 October 2012

OUTFIT | #89

blouse: Forever 21; skirt: Topshop; boots: River Island; lipstick: Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow'

Coursework deadlines have arrived and I'm panicking. As usual. So I'm doing my personal variation of 'power dressing'. There's something about wearing all black and a bright lip that makes me feel like I could conquer anything. In this case, 'anything' is Middle English and it's kicking my ass. I'm basically not going leaving the library until these deadlines have passed but I find I'm more motivated if I'm dressed well. I can't work in a hoody, it just makes me sleepy. If I'm going to be pulling my hair out with (totally self-inflicted; I should manage my time better) stress then I may as well look good. 

This is also the first outing for my new skater skirt. I bought the Topshop one I talked about a while ago. It hadn't looked right when I first tried it on but I went back and tried it again with some other tops and it looked much better. Sold! I can already tell I'm going to live in it for the foreseeable future. It's some kind of Lycra material so it's ridiculously comfy.


  1. I love this outfit, it looks so pretty on you! Comfy + chic pieces like this are perfect. There's a new post up on my blog and I'd love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  2. Very chic, especially with the red lippy :)