Monday, 15 October 2012


River Island coat; Out of Print Clothing iPhone 4 case; Topshop skater skirt; Monki Millie shirt; Revlon Matte 'Wine Not' lipstick; Clarks Aintree Ticket shoes; Topshop jacket

There are so many nice jackets in the shops currently and I want them all. I tried on both of the jackets in this wish list recently and they were both lovely. The Topshop one in particular is tugging at my heart (or purse, perhaps?) strings. The River Island jacket was amazing on but the buttons felt a bit cheap despite them asking a (ludicrous, in my humble opinion) £80 for it. Not going to happen. 

I've been looking for the perfect skater skirt for a while now. I keep thinking of outfits I want to wear but they all revolve around a black skater skirt and I haven't found one I love yet. This Topshop one nearly hits the mark, but I found it a bit long for my taste when I tried it on. It's the closest I've found though so I might just buy it and pull that age-old trick of rebellious schoolgirls everywhere and roll up the waist. 

All these things might have to wait for a while though as I bought myself an iPhone 4 this week. Now I'm a bit skint. While I'm waiting for my next paycheque, I'm eyeing up nice cases for my new baby (Ditching the Blackberry and finally getting an iPhone was the world's greatest feeling). This Edgar Allen Poe pop-art case from Out of Print Clothing has been saved in my bookmarks for ages. One day it will be mine.

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