Saturday, 24 November 2012

OUTFIT | #95

sweater: Zara; dress: Topshop; necklace, boots: River Island

It feels good to wear something that isn't my work uniform or my pajamas. This week I've mostly been lying in bed sleeping off this demon cold I somehow contracted. It wasn't even a sniffly nose, sore throat kind of cold. That I can handle. This was a lightheaded, sleepy, can't stop shivering kind of cold. Definitely not fun. I am the grumpiest ill person too. I become incredibly needy and whiney but no one was around to look after me so I just sat in bed for 2 days getting sick of my own complaining. Clearly I need some echinacea and manuka honey and all that jazz, to ward off future illness. 

This outfit is super slouchy and comfy but still 'me' enough that I like it. Sadly I only wore it to stay inside my house and worl on a presentation all by myself. But sometimes it's nice to dress up and resist the temptation to put my jogging bottoms on, even though I'm going to be home alone all day. I'm much less likely to climb into bed and fall asleep if I'm fully dressed too.

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  1. Really like your outfit!