Sunday, 11 November 2012

OUTFIT | #92

blouse, jeans, necklace: Topshop; sweater: H&M; boots: River Island; nails: No7 'Temptress'

I had big plans for my reading week but somehow it's Sunday already and I don't really know what I did? All the days started to run into one and now I'm looking forward to going back to normalcy next week. I need routine, without it I just lose track of time and feel weird and lost. I don't even remember what day I wore this outfit on. It might have been Wednesday? That rings a bell. Don't ask me what I did on Wednesday though. I have no idea. I probably spent too much money. That seemed to be a thing I did a lot of on reading week.

I've been noticing I don't wear jeans a heck of a lot these days. Denim has been overlooked in favour of skirts and tights every day lately. Which is cool, I'm not complaining. It's mostly because I need new jeans, I think. Most of mine are starting to look a little tired and they're doing that awkward sagging-at-the-knee-after-one-wear thing, which sucks. People seem to rave about those Topshop Leigh jeans so maybe, when I've conquered Christmas shopping (help me...), I'll look into those. 

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